Gondola – moving beyond Parkinson

Ex Machina developed the Android mobile app for the new Gondola medical device, turning it into an IoT which provides highly valuable data about patient treatments. In addition, a Gondola administrator can now connect to, configure, and upgrade a remote device via the patient’s installed app, paving the road to a wider distribution of the Gondola medical device.
Gondola is a portable medical device for personal use, built for people who live with Parkinson’s. It is effective to treat freezing of gait, reduce mobility impairment, and improve balance. The Gondola device treatment is named “Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation” (AMPS) and is based on non-invasive controlled mechanical impulses on specific areas of both feet simultaneously. Such treatment induces increased activity in brain areas involved in movement control. The Gondola device has been designed to deliver the AMPS rehabilitation treatment at home whenever the patient needs it.

Gondola per la malattia di parkinsonThe app, which serves both as a customer database and as a device management app for operators and patients. It adapts to the role of the logged-in user: patient, operator, administrator. The app uses Firebase as a backend persistence layer and as an authentication and permission management system.

The operator app allows to connect via Bluetooth to the Gondola device and configure engine parameters based on customer tolerance. A particular feature is the remote configuration that allows the Operator app to connect to the patient’s app via internet and send Bluetooth configuration commands directly to the device. In this way, the operator can make changes to the configuration even without being physically in the same place with the patient.

The patient app allows to connect to the Gondola device via Bluetooth and download diagnostic information and start and stop therapy. Due to its specialized nature, the Gondola app is not distributed via store but is installed ad hoc via apk.

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