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Java developers, software engineers, AI and blockchain specialists in Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland​

We are Ex Machina. Driving innovation in software development with our team of expert Java developers, software engineers, AI and blockchain specialists. We serve global companies and public agencies with cutting-edge, complex applications in Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland and beyond

Ex Machina

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Global Database Integrations, High-Traffic B2C Web-Apps, High-Performance Cross-Platform Mobile Apps are some examples where only an interdisciplinary, Quality-driven Team like ours can deliver long-lasting solutions. For the past two decades we have worked with enterprise clients and public administrations both in Switzerland and abroad and no one has ever left us. This is a great achievement for us

Software development​

Our fundamental approach is that of a Quality-Driven Architecture: we strive to design fault tolerant, reliable, and highly-available systems. We can take care of all production aspects, including hosting and launch

Artificial Intelligence

We accompany companies and government agencies in their plans to adopt Generative Artificial Intelligence trained and specialized on specific content and processes and integrated into the client's IT ecosystem


We specialize in the development and maintenance of blockchain solutions based on Ethereum technology applied to Notarization and Tokenization services in many business areas from the arts to the energy sector


Our SLA ensures that you are covered in unexpected situations. Our architecture design process allows for rich and maintainable extensibility

Who we are

Java developers and software engineers who believes in the code as a tool to change the world for the better by combining solid technical foundations with a deep humanity

Why the name Ex Machina?

Our name pulls from the ancient Greek theatre. "Deus ex machina" - latin for "God through the machine" - in Greek tragedy refers to the device by which actors impersonating gods were suspended above the stage, ready to be dropped into the scene to solve a complex and otherwise standstill situation arising from humans’ conflicting purposes. We saw the analogy between Greek theatre and IT consulting, where the computer (or the technology) and independent IT professionals, thinking out-of-the-box, are usually in a privileged position to address a specific need. As we are not gods, of course, we took the word Deus away… et voilà! The journey began

We operate in a wide range of fields

We provide a range of solutions from scratch, ensuring that for every need, we can find and maintain the best way to realize it over time.

High-Volume Solutions for big players
Analyzing complex documents with Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Architecture and Algorithms
Advanced Search & Filtering
Strict Data Integrity Solutions
Hybrid and high performance mobile apps
Global Database Solution

Ex Machina stays at the forefront of innovation by actively participating in it. Through AI.lab, we enter the world of AI as a qualified partner, offering development solutions based on generative artificial intelligence in specific sectors, including HR, education, tourism, healthcare, finance, and public administration

Domestic robots
Blog & News
EXM /creative

The union of art and technology has always been at the heart of our way of working. With our creative spin-off, we can help design, give a face, and explain in a simple way hi-tech products or services such as AI, Blockchain and Web3

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Our offices are located in the centre of Lugano

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Monday-Friday 9am-6pm