Ex Machina opens new offices

Last June 14, Ex Machina inaugurated its new offices at Lugano’s Quartiere Maghetti, taking the opportunity to also celebrate 18 years in business.

“In its journey the company has grown steadily, creating dozens of new jobs and catching ahead of time epochal technological revolutions such as open source software, cloud computing and blockchain,” said Sebastiano Cobianco, CEO of Ex Machina.

The evening was opened by the talk “It’s hard to make predictions, especially for the future” with the popular speaker Paolo Attivissimo, who recounted predictions made by great luminaries of the past regarding inventions and technologies that turned out to be completely wrong even a short time later. It comes to mind today the many detractors of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain who consider these technologies to be without a future, just as happened at the dawn of the internet.

Guests then moved to the Piazzetta at the Maghetti Quarter for refreshments and an inaugural toast to the new offices. In the video below a few images from the evening.