JavaScript is the most widely used programing language with Python and C++

According to StackOverflow’s survey in which more than 70,000 developers worldwide participated, 2022 marks the tenth consecutive year that JavaScript is the most widely used programming language.

But the picture is different for those just learning to program. HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Python are almost tied as the most popular languages for people who are learning to code.

People learning to code are more likely than professional developers to use Python (58 percent versus 44 percent), C++ (35 percent versus 20 percent), and C (32 percent versus 17 percent). Compared to professional developers, those learning to code are less likely than professional developers to use SQL (38% vs. 53%), TypeScript (15% vs. 40%) and Bash/Shell (19% vs. 29%).

Node.js and React.js are the two web technologies most used by professional developers and those learning to program. Angular is more used by professional developers than by those learning to program (23% vs. 10%), as are ASP.NET (16% vs. 10%) and ASP.NET Core (21% vs. 10%).

Visual Studio Code is still the IDE of choice for all developers. PyCharm is used most by those who are learning to code while Vim is used by professionals. Windows is the operating system most used by those who write code. More than 48 percent of developers say they use Windows for their work activities and 62 percent say they also use it for non-work activities.

Linux holds up well with as many as 40% of developers saying they use it in their work life and for personal use. macOS is in third place with 33 percent for work use and 31 percent for personal use due to the fact that it is the only platform on which Xcode runs, which allows development of iOS and Mac apps.

Developers increasingly work on the cloud, whether virtual environments or containers, Linux dominates in that sector regardless of vendor.
AWS remains the most widely used cloud platform. Azure is in second place followed by Google Cloud. Those who are learning to code, however, overwhelmingly use Heroku (35 percent), which is significantly higher than professional developers (18 percent).

StackOverflow’s survey seeks to understand what other tools are being used, Git remains key but Docker is also becoming an important tool for professional developers, rising from 55% to 69% usage. Other interesting data come from the 3D sphere, those just starting out use Unity 3D more (23% vs. 8% of those with more experience), the same with Unreal Engine (9% vs. 3%).

Finally among software used for team communication and organization Jira is the most used by professional developers (49%), Confluence is in second place with 43%. Among those who are just starting out Notion and Trello are the most used tools.

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