Ex Machina launches AI.lab

With AI.lab Ex Machina enters the world of AI by offering itself as a qualified partner for the development of solutions based on generative artificial intelligence in specific sectors including HR, education, tourism, healthcare, finance, and public administration.

The core of AI.lab is the selection and training of advanced language models, known as Large Language Models (LLM), through a fine-tuning process on domain-specific data.
Ex Machina engineers work together to collect, organize, and annotate large datasets provided by the Client and relevant to the domain in question, with full assurance of confidentiality and protection of business data.
This data is then used to train the selected language model, enabling it to gain a deep and accurate understanding of business-specific terms, relationships and notions.

Sebastiano Cobianco, CEO of Ex Machina, emphasized the importance of AI.lab in accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence in specific domains, “While language models and genAI have demonstrated amazing results in generic conversational contexts of media creation, we recognize the need for companies and PAs for custom AI-based solutions trained to understand their specific language and business domain. With AI.lab we are paving the way for a more targeted and effective application of AI, which can radically transform the way and speed at which companies operate and innovate.”

With this move, Ex Machina is positioning itself as a pioneer in Ticino in offering tailored AI solutions that can redefine companies’ strategy and their relationships with partners and customers.