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Paperless meetings

The Challenge The meetings of Council of the City of Lugano were supported by large quantities of paper documents, a waste of time and resources. The Approach Ex Machina extended the existing document management system to allow Councillors to use digital documents on tablets during meetings. The Benefits The extended document management system allowed the

High-Volume Solutions for big players

The Challenge volagratis.com is a pioneering high traffic webapp for selling budget airline tickets online, and since its early days the company needed a reliable partner to push innovation at the highest quality levels. The Approach We developed a high-performance search solution focused on cost optimisation, as well as the iOS apps of Bravofly and

Big Data Architecture and Algorithms #IoT

The Challenge Black Boxes installed on vehicles offer driving analytics and automated emergency alerts. A pioneer of automotive telematics (later acquired) needed to connect the dots between raw data, insurers, and drivers. The Approach We designed and developed the full-stack system to collect and compute over 3Tb (and counting) of daily trip data. The Benefits

Hybrid and high performance mobile apps

The Challenge An effective salesforce requires the latest information about the company and its products. On the go, easily accessible, fast, and presentable in full splendour. The Approach Ex Machina developed a hybrid tablet solution consisting of a Cpp-core and native front-end implementations. The Benefits Today our high-performance solution empowers more than 450 salespeople worldwide. Thanks

Advanced Search & Filtering

The Challenge One of Switzerland’s most innovative banks faced the challenge of quickly and reliably identify customers on the phone. Because of language and pronunciation, the task was often difficult, leading to longer service times The Approach Ex Machina designed and developed a solution based on Apache Solr, allowing to search using different parallel factors,

Strict Data Integrity Solutions

The Challenge A customer risked regulatory sanctions because of potential loss, corruption, or unavailability of privacy-critical data caused by mutable states in its distributed systems. The Approach Distributed version control systems use chains of data structure and cryptography to robustly keep track of event history. The Benefits Event sourcing data chains provide a robust solution for integrity, security,

Big and Fast Spreadsheets

Faced with a portfolio spawning 5 Continents, one of the largest insurance groups of the World needed a Global Database Solution.

Global Database Solution

Faced with a portfolio spawning 5 Continents, one of the largest insurance groups of the World needed a Global Database Solution.