Pricing Tool Cycle

A pricing tool cycle is used to gather and upload pricing data through the use of the Pricing Tool spreadsheet.

When a pricing tool cycle is started, a specific pricing tool spreadsheet for that cycle is created and it will only be usable for that cycle. If the cycle is cancelled the pricing tool file is no longer accepted for uploading pricing data.

The pricing tool file is tied to a specific cycle by putting the cycle ID into cell C2 of the CDITransfer sheet.

  • A pricing cycle is started when the user presses the “Download pricing” toolbar button in the Pricing tab
  • The selected pricing tool is downloaded marked with a token identifying the specific cycle ID
  • If at this point the user presses “Cancel” the cycle is also cancelled and the downloaded pricing tool is no longer valid for the purpose of uploading new pricing data
  • If the user instead saves the BE, the cycle is confirmed and the BE will need to have the new data uploaded before being able to push CDI data again
  • The new data can only be uploaded using the downloaded pricing tool accordingly amended/filled
  • Once the new pricing tool is uploaded, if the user presses Cancel, the pricing data is reverted to the state previous the upload
  • If the user instead Saves the BE, the pricing cycle is marked as completed and the Push CDI Data button is available again.
  • If the user pushes the CDI data and then presses cancel, the BE data is restored to the state before the push
  • If the user saves, the new data is persisted.