We are Ex Machina
A Swiss IT Competence Center

We provide high-quality solutions to complex enterprise challenges. Big Data Analytics, Global Database Integrations, High-Traffic B2C Web-Apps, High-Performance Cross-Platform Mobile Apps are some examples where only an interdisciplinary, Quality-driven Team like ours can deliver long-lasting solutions. In more than 10 years, no customer ever left us: that’s our highest badge of honour.

Who we are.

We are a passionate team that is helping software eat the World. We recruited each other, making sure of strong technical foundations and deep humanity, because that is what you build empires on.



Many speak about innovation, we make it. We innovated over and over again in different fields; we know how to apply the methods. We guide you through your innovation challenge, applying best-fitting methods, co-creating and designing solutions that suit the constraints of your department. Our rigorous methodology allows cutting through the fog of front-end innovation, facilitating co-evaluation, and only leading viable concepts into a standard development pipeline.


Our fundamental approach is that of a Quality-Driven Architecture and Test-Driven Development: we strive to design a fault tolerant, reliable, and highly-available system by enforcing a strong separation of concerns between components and distributing the requests of end-users across multiple, independent computing resources. We have a strong culture of automation and security, which leads to reviews during the whole development life cycle.

Supply Chain

We enable you to deliver complex solutions, starting from an idea. We can take care of all production aspects, including hosting and launch. The operations are fully automated and we decouple "deploy to servers" from "release to users”. We try to ensure that each component can deployed by itself. Even when breaking changes are required, we can force them to coexist into versioned endpoints, allowing consumers (e.g. mobile apps) to change over time: consumers should decide when they update themselves.

Life Cycle

Our SLA ensures that you are covered in unexpected situations. Our architecture design process allows for rich and maintainable extensibility, continuously integrated and continuously delivered. Each component is autonomous, single responsibility, modelled around business concepts, and highly observable. Where applicable, we license our technology or help you develop your IP portfolio or Open Source strategy.

How we work.


When we first meet, we ask a lot of questions, to get a picture of the complexity. We share this picture with you, and find out the true nature of your need and whether we are the right partner or if you'd progress more rapidly with a partner from our network.


We propose a concept, architecture, and plan for the solution to your needs. We tell you what the elements are for succeeding in your endeavour and provide metrics for performance analysis.


When it comes down to finding a valuable solution, execution is the only thing that matters. We savvily connect platforms and apply best-of-class methodologies to deliver.

Why the name Ex Machina?

Our name pulls from the ancient Greek theatre. "Deus ex machina" - latin for "God out of the machine" - in Greek tragedy refers to the device by which actors impersonating gods were suspended above the stage, ready to be dropped into the scene to solve a complex and otherwise standstill situation arising from humans’ conflicting purposes. We saw the analogy between Greek theatre and IT consulting, where the computer (or the technology) and independent IT professionals, thinking out-of-the-box, are usually in a privileged position to address a specific need. As we are not gods, of course, we took the word Deus away… et voilà! The journey began.